Get Involved

Short Term Volunteering

Are you ready to take on the four week experience of a lifetime??

Our Short Term Volunteers work on projects that are not only sustainable, but strengthened our links and working partnerships in Africa, meaning that the projects will continue years after our volunteers have left.

The four week Summer Volunteer program runs in June/July allowing students, typically those who have completed at least one year of university, to travel to Africa to Zambia, South Africa or Tanzania.

Once a prospective volunteer has been offered a place on the programme, they will undergo training tailored to the country that they are to visit, allowing them to build an awareness of that country’s needs and fundraising advice to ensure they reach their target.

If you would like to volunteer on the four week program, download our Application Form and return it either by email or by post to our address.

Leader Application

If you wish to lead one of our Volunteer Group

A leader generally has travelled to Africa before but this is not essential criteria. We accept volunteers from various vocations be it builders, engineers, plumbers, teachers, social workers, nurses or doctors.

We send our leaders to answer the needs in Africa and since we work closely with the people in each country we are able to send out appropriately skilled volunteers to fulfill each of the three countries needs.

See attached edited 2019 leaders application form. At the board meeting last night there was a discussion around returned volunteers and leaders etc. the following points were agreed and need to be communicated.

Due to such an expected demand the following points have been expressed by the board;

  • A volunteer can only go back the following year as a volunteer ( 2019 if you went away in 2018) if this is in a formal capacity eg. Leading a project or fulfilling a specific task.
  • 2018 volunteer or any other previous volunteer can apply to be a leader for 2019.
  • Previous volunteers can apply the following year or any other year there after like everyone else.

This is an amazing opportunity, one which all of our previous leaders have thoroughly enjoyed. If you’re interested in getting involved download our leader application form and return it either by email or by post.

Helping at Home

Home from home

Working at home is almost more important than travelling to Africa, there are many ways that you can help from home.

  • Get involved with school retreats and retreats we have at home
  • Fundraising
  • Social events
  • Raising awareness of projects in Africa
  • Helping out in volunteer training programme
  • Getting involved with Friends of Africa in St Mary’s
  • Being a voice for the people in the African countries we work in