Small Steps Together

Our motto is “small steps together”. The projects we support reflect this motto, because when we are working together we achieve far more by way of creating a sense of ownership, achievement and empowerment, both for the African people we work with and for ourselves.

We promote sustainability and hope that through our partnerships, the projects we support will continue years after our volunteers have left. These are the philosophies we instil in our volunteers, both long and short term.

Although we cannot solve the problems faced in Africa, what we can do is tackle the issues at the grassroots level. In conjunction with the people from these countries and those who have experience of working there, we can do the best we can to step outside of ourselves to give a little and in doing so, learn a lot.

It will take many years before the conditions in Africa improve in a meaningful way, but changes are happening slowly and because of your small steps together with us, a real difference is being made.

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